I’m the founder of Red Lane Studio in Melbourne. We design and make a range of happy homewares, accessories and art, with a focus on colour and design. As a compulsive creative who likes to be busy, I design and make the range –everything is hand-touched.

I created this business because colour and design can have such a positive influence on the way you feel. Looking for items for my own home, I found it harder and harder to find pieces that uniquely expressed who I am. It felt like the world was getting ‘more beige’, more mass-produced.

Red Lane Studio was born from that need to express joyfully and with abundance – a place where happy meets practical and earth-friendly. A place where the energy from the hand of the maker is retained.

My story is a common one – I’m a Kiwi and I relocated to Australia with my husband and two young kids over 20 years ago. Originally trained as an architect, I set myself up as a sole trader once we emigrated to allow me to be a full-time mother, but with flexible work hours. During this time, ‘colours from home’ helped my sense of connection and self-expression – simple, happy designs made such a difference!

During Covid I was released from a workplace, so I took the opportunity to recreate a truer version of myself and my work. This called for a return to creative expression, to spread joy through a range of practical and aesthetic pieces. To return to my roots of making. Red Lane Studio was born from that desire.

I came across Global Sisters online and it’s difficult to describe the gift they’ve given me. Through their program, I have been able to take back my own power, my sense of self. By opening doors to experts and coaching I began to realise my own potential. Their provision of accessible business education and an ongoing pathway has given me confidence to forge ahead, and I feel very empowered in that.

Global Sisters have allowed me to return to myself and I finally feel like I have arrived. There’s a sense of rightness, of the circle closing. From feeling a little lost at sea, with only ‘mother’ as a role, I have a bright, creative future for myself – it’s full of happiness, excitement, success….and it’s called Red Lane Studio.

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From feeling a little lost at sea, with only ‘mother’ as a role, I have a bright, creative future for myself.

Claire CummackRed Lane Studio