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The Global Sisters Impact site exists to elevate the extraordinary women who are changing their world and the world around them through business.

By sharing their stories, we can acknowledge and celebrate the vital role that female founded micro business and social enterprises play in our economy and society. They enable economic participation, create jobs, provide incomes and create value in communities.

Through this site we are proud to share our impact framework, methodology and findings with the Global Sister community – all our wonderful partners and supporters who #BackHerBrilliance. Our impact model was designed by and for our Sisters – the women that Global Sisters exists for. We hope you are informed and inspired by the content available here.

Who Are Our Sisters?

Our growing community of Sisters come from a tapestry of diverse life experiences. They call all parts of Australia home, and most recently, we’ve extended our Sister community to New Zealand.

Global Sisters exists to support women who are unemployed, underemployed or in low paid work to overcome structural, systemic barriers and become self-employed. We have a strategic focus on solo mums and women over 50, as two significant cohorts of women facing a multitude of barriers to economic participation and economic security.

Among our Sisters are women living in regional & remote areas, migrants and refugees, survivors of domestic and family violence and First Nations women. Some live with a disability or care for others. Many share a combination of these experiences along with intersecting barriers such as gender based discrimination, ageism and racism that makes mainstream employment

The experiences of our Sisters serve as a wellspring of inspiration for their business ventures. Their businesses not only infuse their lives with a sense of security, purpose, and meaning, but also stand as expressions of our Sisters’ individuality and values.

Employment Status

Before joining Global Sisters


Were unemployed or in unsuitable, or unstable employment


Had an existing business that was not yet profitable to support themselves and their family


Of Sister households were receiving government support and for 29% this is their primary income

Percentages include Sisters who cross into one or more categories.


Our online model enables us to reach Sisters from across Australia, and now New Zealand, including regional and rural areas that often lack access to adequate services.

Migrants & Refugees


Identify from migrant or refugee background

Women over 50


of Sisters are over 50 years old

First Nations Women


are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Live Regionally & Rurally


of Sisters live in regional/rural areas

Single Mothers


are single mothers

Live with Disability


are living with a disability and 3% are carers for the elderly, or someone with a disability

Impact Roadmap – our Theory of Change

Our data shows that Sisters are progressing along the Global Sisters Impact Roadmap towards long term economic security. Hover over the stages of the interactive Global Sisters Impact Roadmap and read through the information below to learn about the impact of Global SIsters on each stage of a Sisters journey to long-term economic security. Our 2022 Impact Report provides a more extensive overview of our impact. View the 2022 Impact Report here.

Our research1 shows that the top four barriers to women starting a business are:
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of connection and support
  • Lack of business skills and acumen
  • Financial barriers
After six months or more of engaging with Global Sisters, 79% of Sisters have launched or are growing their business. 67% of these Sisters did not have a business before joining Global Sisters

Global Sisters enabled over $1,000,000 in pro bono business support directly to our Sisters.
72% of our Sisters are earning a business income after six months or more with Global Sisters.
For Sisters who have been with Global Sisters for six months or more and have started earning a business income, $1162 is the average monthly business income
15% of Sisters surveyed are earning more than $2000 monthly business income
43% of Sister respondents who were on government support when they started with Global Sisters have decreased or ended their reliance on government support completely.17% increase in Sisters who have household savings of three months or more
23% increase in Sisters who can raise $2000 if needed in an emergency
198 Sister businesses have hired employees in the last year, with 436 new jobs createdSisters have reinvested $9.1 million of business income into their families and community in the last year alone

Direct Impact Framework

The Direct Impact diagram shows our six impact domains. Each of these domains has indicators and measures for each, and we track Sister’s progress against these over time:

Business Acumen

Business knowledge and skills


The stage of business development, from pre idea to growth stage

Financial Resilience

Income generated and sustained, improvements in financial resilience and reduction of welfare reliance


The self-belief to back herself as a business founder


Leadership as a business founder, hiring others and giving back to community


Connecting with and contributing to business networks and communities

Direct to Macro Impact Theory of Change

Global Sisters works at a direct impact and systems change level. This diagram connects both our direct and systems change work to our macro impacts.

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