Meet Angie, founder of Remedii

Ripley, QLD. Chronic pain disability, Solo mum and DFV survivor.

Remedii is a business born out a desire to help people suffering chronic pain. Remedii is a range of wearable packs for heat and cold therapy.

I am determined to find a purpose to my pain. I decided to create my business to share this product with people who are searching for something that wasn’t available.

Angie PollerRemedii


MECCA M-POWER is a gender equality social change program that supports 20 organisations that work to advance education, health, advocacy and economic opportunity for women and girls. March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and MECCA M-POWER collaborated with Remedii on a special MECCA-coloured range of REMEDII products to be shared with team members. This deal alone was worth $10,000. 

THE impact


MECCA M-POWER collaborated with Angie from Remedii to create a MECCA colour range Remedii packs to raise awareness of endometriosis, gift their team (95% female) with the packs and run a sales campaign for Remedii on the Global Sisters Marketplace. By using their corporate purchase power for good, MECCA M-Power has created social impact at three levels:

  • direct income for Angie’s business
  • brand elevation for Remedii
  • practical awareness raising and pain management support for endometriosis sufferers.

MECCA leaders fed back that overall the campaign was positively received by team members, with many saying it helped the team feel seen and heard, and encouraged empathy and understanding amongst the team around endometriosis. The Remedii pain packs were appreciated by the team and were a huge hit!

It is our hope that this collaboration, alongside a business-wide endometriosis education program, will help give Poller the momentum she needs to achieve the [financial] freedom she has always deserved.


angie, remedii

Launching a sustainable business with a chronic pain disability is no easy feat. Angie has shown grit and tenacity in getting Remedii to a place where she could fulfil a significant corporate order. With the help of Global Sisters and her business coach Russel, Angie has re-branded, secured funding for packaging and materials and built her capacity to manufacture her first significant order. 

This opportunity has raised Remedii’s brand profile with female pain sufferers through the MECCA M-Power campaign and positioned her brand for future deals.

Angie’s pain-relieving Remedii products are available from Global Sisters Marketplace.

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