Global Sisters supporting women with disability

Global Sisters supports women with a range of disabilities, from vision and hearing impairment to chronic health disability. These Sisters are creating business solutions to social problems, often those that they have personally experienced through their disability. They are challenging stereotypes of entrepreneurship and breaking down bias and barriers.

Meet some of the Sisters

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Nicky Hind
Blind Grit
Regional Victoria

Blind Grit is an Australian owned fashion label that celebrates the qualities required to live with disability and survive trauma, as some of the qualities we most admire, value and aspire to. Blind Grit is athleisure wear “created by those who conquer challenges, for those who are ready for one”. It’s a celebration of those SUPER HUMANS who have been forced to survive outside a comfort zone that most of us take for granted. Nicky is now consulting to Afterpay Fashion Week to create a more inclusive fashion industry. Global Sisters has worked with Nicky since 2016, including the 2019 Sister Pitch to gain support for her business.

Watch Nikki’s pitch here
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Amanda Van Werkhoven
Better Life Hearing Australia
Jindera, Rural NSW

Better Life Hearing Australia is an owner operated business that was established in 2020 in rural NSW.

Founder/CEO Amanda had experienced the challenges of work and social environments as a deaf person, and eventually had to leave her job as a result. She wants to help those with any hearing condition to feel more comfortable, confident and safe whilst participating in all aspects of their lives.

Her mission is to manufacture (with Australian made products) and distribute a range of clothing pins and hi vis vests so the Deaf/Hard of Hearing person may feel more confident and safe in their working and social environments.

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Alli Kristiansen
Diilhami Art
Regional NSW

Ali is an artist with a disability who seeks to inspire others through her artistic creations. She does intuitive, spiritual paintings for customers and sells her artwork on Etsy and Global Sisters Marketplace.

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Angie Poller
Heat Wear You Need it

Angie has a chronic pain condition that limits her ability to work. She has turned her disability into a business that supports people suffering from pain. Read more here
Angie participated in Sister Pitch 2021. Watch her pitch to top Australian CEOs/Founders here

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Nancy Visser
MoeJoe Creations

Nancy at MoeJoe Creations believes that everyone deserves something well made, beautiful, and kind to both the recipient and the planet. Her candles are hand poured on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, from natural ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers. Every item is handmade and delivered in elegant, recyclable packaging.

Nancy has debilitating chronic fatigue and mental health challenges that impact her ability to be employed. Nancy attended Sister School in 2021 and has established her own candle/gifting business. Read more

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Colleen McCormack

Magknitude is a bespoke homewares and accessories business that Colleen describes as “magnificent knitting with attitudeā€.

Colleen was only 16 when she struck with a series of health challenges that derailed her academic plans, but that a series of events combined with her love of knitting, created the opportunity to bring Magnitude to the world.

She participated in Sister School and the 2019 Sister Pitch, and has been stocked on the Global Sisters retail marketplace for several years.

Florence Olugbemiro
Designed by Florence

Florence had terminal cancer but was determined to build a business that would leave a legacy. She needed to work flexibly due to the impacts of the cancer treatment on her life so she set up Designed by Florence, a business that promotes diversity in children’s toys. Florence successfully ran her business, selling on the Global Sisters Marketplace, up until she passed away in 2021. It was Florence’s wish that her business was continued by her family and supported by Global Sisters. We are so proud of Florence and the incredible legacy she has created.

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