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Global Sisters exists to make business possible for all women across Australia

We unlock the potential of women to own their economic future. We do this by supporting women through a long-term, three stage program: Business education, Incubate and Accelerate.

In these programs, women access four main types of support: Business education; Business coaching; Microfinance; and Sales & marketing. 

Our Social Impact report for 2020 tells the story of how we have commenced scaling across Australia, providing access to women no matter where they live or what barriers to economic participation that they have faced.

Impact Across Australia

Global Sisters embarked on a new 5 year strategy and scale model at the end of 2019, with a combination of place based regional hubs and a digital offering to enable access for women nationwide.

Our digital program offering, the increased demand as a result of COVID-19 job losses and targeted digital marketing to reach single mums and older women has resulted in significant increases in participation in late Q1 and throughout Q2 of 2020. We are now starting to see the impact of our scale strategy.

Social Impact

The Global Sisters social impact framework has six impact domains that we track over key milestones in each Sister’s journey through the 3 year roadmap:

Business Acumen

Businesses Launching
70% of Sisters attribute starting up their own business to the Global Sisters business education programs.


Business Development
Sisters are progressing through the business stages, from Pre Idea to Growth. After Sister School, 61% of surveyed Sisters were able to move their businesses forward to Set-Up, Launch and even Startup stage.

Financial Resilience

Income Improvements
Sisters surveyed more than doubled their weekly income since being involved with Global Sisters.


Building confidence
67% of Sisters reported that confidence was the biggest barrier to them being self-employed. 60% of Sisters surveyed said Global Sisters biggest impact was “inspiring me and giving me hope” and 54% said “building my confidence”.


Sisters “give back” and peer support
80% of our online community has been actively engaged, providing peer learning, advice and support to each other in the last 12 months.


Connecting with our Sisters & connecting them to others
On average, our Sisters report having meaningful contact fortnightly with Global Sisters, either online or face to face. We connect our Sisters to business coaches, networks, and pro bono support. In fact, as of June 2020 we have facilitated over 1.7 million in pro bono support to our Sisters.

Thanks to the support of the Australian Government Department of Social Services