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The Global Sisters Impact site exists to elevate the extraordinary women who are changing their world and the world around them through business.

By sharing their stories, we can acknowledge and celebrate the vital role that female founded micro business and social enterprises play in our economy and society. They enable economic participation, create jobs, provide incomes and create value in communities.

Through this site we are proud to share our impact framework, methodology and findings with the Global Sister community – all our wonderful partners and supporters who #BackHerBrilliance. Our impact model was designed by and for our Sisters – the women that Global Sisters exists for. We hope you are informed and inspired by the content available here.

Impact Roadmap

Global Sisters works at a direct programmatic level to “beat the odds” and a systems change level to “change the odds” for women experiencing barriers to economic participation and security. Our SIMNA innovation award-winning Impact Roadmap© shows how Global Sisters supports women to generate their own income via micro business and improve their economic security over time.

Women’s Economic Security

Direct Impact Framework

The Direct Impact diagram shows our six impact domains. Each of these domains has indicators and measures for each, and we track Sister’s progress against these over time:

Business Acumen

Business knowledge and skills


The stage of business development, from pre idea to growth stage

Financial Resilience

Income generated and sustained, improvements in financial resilience and reduction of welfare reliance


The self-belief to back herself as a business founder


Leadership as a business founder, hiring others and giving back to community


Connecting with and contributing to business networks and communities

Systems Change Framework

Priority Interventions

Priority 1

Welfare reform for women’s self employment

Reforming the welfare system to support women’s employment in micro business. Create evidence base for welfare reform via three demonstration projects.

Priority 2

Elevating Women’s Micro Business

Elevating women’s micro business as a significant part of the SME sector and contributor to employment and economic growth.

Priority 3

Women’s Financial Products & Services Pathway

Creating a pathway to economic security for women through making tailored, affordable and accessible financial products and services available to women in micro business.

Priority 4

Access to home ownership for women

Access to home ownership via affordable housing and accessible finance designed for solo, low-income women. Micro community model pilot with two single mothers, and one older woman household on one block with small houses and individual land titles.

Theory of change

The direct impact programs and systems change interventions complement each other and connect to create long-term, macro change.

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