In an Australian first, and just in time to help businesses through the coronavirus pandemic, Global Sisters has created an online marketplace that’s dedicated to helping women achieve financial independence…And right now, we’re looking for female entrepreneurs to get on board.

Amidst the many changes and tragedies of the past few months, one thing has become clear: the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have disproportionately affected women in our society. So much so, that experts are already calling it a ‘pink-collar recession’.

Women are over-represented in the industries hit hardest by the pandemic (such as retail and hospitality).

They’re often limited to casual, insecure work, meaning many aren’t eligible for JobKeeper.

They also aren’t directly helped by government support programs that are oriented toward male-dominated industries (such as the construction industry stimulus package, HomeBuilder).

Finally, women bear the greater burden from a lack of secure, affordable child care – a situation worsened now the government’s free child care policy has ended.

What this all means is, supporting women to recover from this economic crisis is key to our nation’s overall economic recovery.

We can all agree that the path out of this disaster must be led by employment. For women especially, that means work that is flexible and sustainable, that gives them some control over their situation, and allows them to adapt to changes in their environment.

For many, running their own small business is the answer.

Wrangling the logistics of setting up a business and online store, never mind the costs, is a barrier to many women who are interested in working for themselves.

The Global Sisters Marketplace:

  • is focused on Australian women gaining financial independence
  • comes with comprehensive wrap around business support
  • supports businesses selling products, services & experiences
  • is not-for-profit

The coronavirus pandemic has also emphasised the importance of a strong digital business presence, to protect businesses from unexpected changes in the brick-and-mortar environment.

The Global Sisters Marketplace provide a sales platform for businesswomen, free to join, with no set-up fee, no ongoing monthly fees, and only a tiny per transaction commission to be paid to Global Sisters to maintain the program.

No special skills or tech knowledge is required.

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In addition, participants are also provided with access to expert business coaches, backed by an extensive program of marketing and promotional support, and will become part of a nation-wide community of like-minded women who are sharing their experiences and overcoming similar challenges.

It’s ideal for women who:

  • have a great product or service to sell, but aren’t confident in website management or digital marketing; or
  • have an existing business website but need to reach more customers and increase sales.

Through the Global Sisters Marketplace, anyone can shop online for high-quality Australian-made clothing and accessories, beauty products, toys, homewares, gifts, services and experiences.

And they can do so knowing they’re supporting a woman trying to earn her way to financial independence, and helping contribute to Australia COVID-19 economic recovery.

The Global Sisters Marketplace is just the latest exciting step toward achieving the Global Sisters mission, to make business possible for every Australian woman.

The Marketplace set to launch in early Spring 2020. Register your interest now to make sure you’re on board from the start.

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