Glenis Wilkinson says she’s eternally grateful for the help and support that TheStoryBoxes has given her business Glenis Wilkinson Yoga & Meditation, but Sarah Mak from TheStoryBoxes says in fact, it’s they who should be thanking Glenis for everything she’s brought their partnership.

Sara was introduced to Glenis through Global Sisters when she attended the inaugural Sister Pitch – Sydney 2018 event and says she was blown away by the experience.

“I flew down from Brisbane to attend, and I’m so glad I did,” she said.

“I was so affected by Glenis’s story – her incredibly heartfelt ‘pitch’ (though it doesn’t feel right to call it a pitch), and learning how her business is grounded in her personal story, as is the case with many of the Sisters”.

I loved how, despite the tragedy she had faced, she was able to share her passion and purpose. There was so much depth in her narrative that I was compelled to learn more. She moved me to tears.

Sarah MakTheStoryBoxes

When the opportunity came to offer support, Sarah knew this was where TheStoryBoxes could help.

“Because we tell and share stories for a living, and Glenis’s story was already so compelling. I knew we could help her get her story out there to reach others, not only to be inspired, but to potentially start building a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the same purpose. And that is so important to us because this helps Glenis share her story, and also helps support inclusive voices with important perspectives otherwise untold.

“This aligns closely with our business mission, of driving change through incredible real stories. We believe that Glenis is one of those stories. We believe in what she’s building. We’re always impacted by the individuals we’re privileged to meet, and spending time with Glenis means we’re always learning. We’re all so grateful for that opportunity,” said Sarah.

In turn, Glenis says she’s learned a lot about herself, what her business means to her, and how she can use her story to help her business to grow.

I’ve learned new skills and gained so much more confidence in my business and myself.

Glenis WilkinsonGlenis Wilkinson Yoga & Meditation

Glenis says “TheStoryBoxes team has articulated what my business offers so beautifully on film, giving my audience a real insight into what their experience might be when they attend a yoga or meditation class or program of classes, as individuals or from a corporate perspective.

“And the team has been so kind, patient, understanding, insightful, sensitive, creative and professional.

“My customers, clients and participants can begin to connect with my business through this video. It has lifted my professional profile and visibility”.