At first glance, teaching kids about robots and coding might seem like a strange fit for the legal sector, steeped as it is in age-old traditions and practices. But Jason Silverii from Maddocks says the partnership with Lina Qasem and her business Robofun builds on the independent firm’s proud history of supporting Australian business of all sizes.

It’s also bringing about a number of unexpected benefits for Maddocks’ staff as well.

“What struck me first about Lina was her passion for what she is doing. Her business is aimed at introducing children to robotics and coding, with a particular focus on girls and also children in socio-economic areas that may not have access to this knowledge,” said Jason.

“I have a young daughter, so to see Lina want to help children like my daughter embrace technology was inspiring. As Lina was running this business largely on her own, I immediately saw how our Communications team could assist by providing her with training and templates to promote her business effectively and with minimal time and effort.

“My colleague, Lucy Fitzhenry, and I worked closely with Lina throughout last year and we got as much out of this program as, I hope, Lina did. It gave us the opportunity to apply our skills and knowledge to a totally different situation, which made us think even harder about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing and communications”, said Jason.

To be able to spend time with Lina, to hear her remarkable story and to assist her even a little bit was a fantastic experience and one I would recommend to others.

Jason SilveriiMaddocks

Getting support from one of the big companies in Melbourne, such as Maddocks, is great. We’ve learned so much from their rich experience, and gotten so much valuable advice from their great team.

Lina QasemRobofun

Lina says “Being one of our supporters, which includes being presented on our website, also gives us extra credibility that this well-recognised, trusted and established company has our back.

“Robofun is now continuing on our marketing journey, building our profile, and reaching more customers, online and offline. As a result, we’ve gotten some incredible positive media coverage which has led to other great partnerships, we’ve secured funds that have helped us buy more kits to expand our programs, and we’re reaching out with digital advertising through, for example, Google and Facebook ads,” said Lina.

“And it’s all thanks to Global Sisters connecting us with Maddocks and their great marketing team, and helping us find these great opportunities,” said Lina.