Being invited to participate in the Global Sisters’ Sister Pitch event in Melbourne in 2019 proved to be a life-changing moment for Minerva Jimenez.

Minerva’s business MINJUMS has created sweet spreadable dips that are made with wholesome ingredients such as lentils, fruits and vegetables (so they’re suitable for vegetarians and vegans), and have no added sugars, additives or artificial ingredients.

In addition to securing marketing and photography support, retail opportunities and investment in her business through the Pitch event, it was also where she met Diem Fuggersberger.

As a proud Vietnamese refugee who – along with her husband Werner – built her multi-million dollar food business Berger Ingredients and Coco and Lucas’ Kitchen from scratch, Diem had gained decades of valuable knowledge and experience of the food industry in Australia.

This meant she was perfectly positioned to provide Minerva with inspiration, as well as practical guidance and advice on improving her production systems and growing her business.

“I was previously involved with Global Sisters as an Ambassador and Board Member. I love what Mandy and her team are doing for women and start-ups, and it was a great pleasure to be part of it,” said Diem.

“I wanted to support Minerva’s business, as when I first started Coco and Lucas’s Kitchen in 2016, I had no idea what FMCG even meant! The money and time that I lost was astronomical, therefore, I knew I could help make sure that didn’t happen to another business. I knew I could really help,”

“I was very impressed that Minerva already had a clear brand vision and purpose when she came to me. It showed that she was serious, and she already understood so much about sourcing, packaging and labelling,” said Diem.

Since then, Minerva has taken huge steps in her business, and says, “Diem’s mentorship was centred on key decisions.  I remember when I felt lost on what was the best decision to take, I contacted her and she called me back, which was such a nice feeling! To receive that call back and have her guidance.”

“My business mission is to promote healthy eating by providing wholesome food choices, that are good for the whole family, good for your health and good for the planet,” she said.

My life has changed completely since I have been involved with Global Sisters. I am sure that I wouldn’t be where I am now in the business without their support.

MinervaOwner of Minjums

Diem is inspired by Minerva as well, saying “What I gain from working with Minerva, is that I can see she has the drive and she delivers. She does not procrastinate, she just goes for it.

I was so impressed with that. It brings me so much happiness to see her business grow and thrive.

Diem FuggersbergerBerger Ingredients