When Dianne Winkworth met Yoko Nazakawa through Global Sisters, it was set to be a perfect match, with Dianne ideally placed to share the high-quality food styling and photography skills needed to help Yoko lift her business to the next level.

Having set up and run her own business WinkyFarm from scratch, Dianne understands the challenges and is passionate about supporting other small businesses.

“As a small business owner myself, running my freelance photography service and blog, I know personally just how hard it is to try to get your foot into the market, and how valuable support from others can be, for both financially, and mentally.

“What struck me about Yoko’s business specifically, is that it’s all about organic, natural, back-to-basics, traditional Japanese, and not only tasty but health-driven products. I love that, I too am very passionate about this area, and I wanted to support her in promoting that idea of healthy living and eating.

“And as the market is moving towards a more ethical, healthy, organic, and eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s a great time and a great business concept to support.

“Good imagery plays such an important role, in drawing in your audience’s attention, as well as communicating a range of messages in a quick and effective way. As a food photographer and stylist, I’ve been able to help Yoko understand all the basic elements to improve her product styling and photography, to make her images stand out more and be more engaging,” said Dianne.

Yoko agrees, and says her work with Dianne has changed her view and improved her eye for photography in her business, Cooking with Koji.

“Through Global Sisters, I’ve met many amazing women who inspire me and I can now work full-time in my business. Since I’ve started having coaching sessions with Dianne, I also really understand the value of quality photos for a food business.

“Now, I feel I see my products differently and can think about to best capture them and represent their benefits in photographs”, said Yoko.

Our design, colours, styling and imagery have become very important elements of my brand, and help make sure my products are eye-catching and recognisable.

Yoko NazakawaCooking with Koji

Dianne says she has learned a great deal from the partnership as well.

“Not only have I gained a lasting friendship with Yoko, but I’ve learned a lot about the traditional making of miso, and the variety of ways miso is eaten, as well as scoring myself a few delicious samples!”

I’m honoured to be mentioned as a valued supporter of Yoko’s business, it’s very touching, and brings a whole new meaning to what I do. Now, I can’t wait to work with more Sisters!

Dianne WinkworthWinkyFarm