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April 7, 2022

Celebrating our Global Sisters Marketplace

In November 2020 we launched the first online marketplace dedicated to women-led micro businesses & social enterprises. The aim was to provide a fast, efficient & affordable solution to selling…
March 1, 2022

A Global Lift for Women on International Women’s Day

What could be better than a determined and business savvy woman with an intense passion for lifting up the women and communities around her? The answer to this question is…
August 17, 2021

Global Sisters Reaches Milestone of Supporting 5000+ Australian Women-led Micro Businesses!

Global Sisters has supported 5000 women on their business journey Global Sisters is proud to announce that we have reached a milestone of investing in the economic future of over…
February 15, 2021

Global Sisters celebrates International Women’s Day by choosing to challenge economic inequality

Challenging inequality for women is a complex problem requiring a multi-layered and multi-faceted approach – but achieving economic equality might be the crucial first step. In the lead-up to International Women’s…
December 1, 2020

The business sector powering our economy, that you may never have heard of

Guess what? One of the biggest drivers of employment and economic activity in Australia is almost never discussed, barely supported and I doubt if most Australians even know what it…
November 23, 2020

Six good reasons why Global Sisters Marketplace is the best place to buy Christmas gifts online

If you haven’t already heard the good news, the Global Sisters Marketplace is now live, just in time to solve your Christmas shopping dilemmas! The launch of Australia’s first marketplace dedicated to…
September 24, 2020

Responding to the Pink Recession

We know that women in Australia have always been more financially vulnerable than men. They are paid less (20.8% less), are twice as likely to work part-time, they have 22%…
August 11, 2020

Australia’s first marketplace dedicated to women’s financial independence is about to launch

In an Australian first, and just in time to help businesses through the coronavirus pandemic, Global Sisters has created an online marketplace that’s dedicated to helping women achieve financial independence...And…
July 14, 2020

Building women’s business is the key to coronavirus recovery

It’s now becoming clear that women have been hit hardest by pandemic job losses. But the Australian Government has a rare opportunity to invest in sustainable businesses that will get…
July 13, 2020

How Global Sisters is supporting Australia’s economic recovery and creating new jobs for women in our communities

The economic recovery and new economy that will emerge from COVID requires us to look at how we access employment and what kind of employment is available. Women’s over-representation in…
May 11, 2020

Using pressure to create diamonds: how Global Sisters is scaling up in response to the coronavirus crisis

Amidst the challenges we’ve faced in the first months of 2020, our Global Sisters team has found a way to grow and thrive under the conditions, fulfilling the vision to…
April 7, 2020

Global Sisters Responds to COVID-19

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, Global Sisters’ work is more important than ever. The Coronavirus pandemic has amplified the need to supply hope, opportunity and a pathway to…