Global Sisters has supported 5000 women on their business journey

Global Sisters is proud to announce that we have reached a milestone of investing in the economic future of over 5000 women across Australia. We are celebrating this milestone as each of these women represent a new business, a new job created or a new pathway to employment- and a real difference to Australian women’s economic participation and security.

Women’s micro business is the backbone of our economy and the only category of employment that grew in 2020. Global Sisters exists to make business possible. We support women to ideate, launch and grow businesses that become a source of financial independence for them and a contribution to our economy.

Since launching operations in 2016, we have achieved the following milestones:

These important milestones are an encouraging start to our Australian scale program. As the only national, gender-focused and inclusive organisation supporting women’s micro-business development, we are driven to ensure EVERY woman who wants to create their own job can do so.

Impact Investing Goal: 10,000 new businesses-jobs created

But this is only the beginning. We have ambitious scale targets to reach 40,000+ women over the next 5 years and support the establishment of 17,000 new businesses.

A big part of that will be investing $10 million to create $10,000 new jobs via women’s micro business. We are seeking investment via Social Impact Bonds and other social impact funding mechanisms to achieve this goal.

$10 million over three years would see us support 10,000 women into employment in new female-led businesses. Many Australian women are unable to access mainstream employment due to their circumstances and a range of structural and systemic barriers. These women need a long term, sustainable alternative to welfare dependence and low paid, unstable jobs. One clear solution is self-employment in micro and small businesses. Access to decent work (ILO/SDG defined) and sufficient income generation is critical to women’s long-term economic security and wellbeing.

Global Sisters has a 5 year long, proven record of creating income generation and self-employment for Australian women.

The Global Sisters roadmap of business education, business coaching, microfinance and sales & marketing support (Marketplace) and a community to #Back Her Brilliance is the proven solution that Australian women need.

We have demonstrated that it will cost us just $1,000 per job created in a new, female-led business. Our cost-efficient and effective model – which leverages both technology and the support of the corporate sector – is a compelling return on investment. Our target cohort is well defined and our track record indicates that we can not only reach this group but achieve self-employment and income outcomes for women.

Global Sisters Impact

Global Sisters was selected as one of only two organisations nationally to share their social impact program and how it informs their ability to scale with the sector by the Department of Social Services (DSS) social impact division. Our impact platform and communication has been described as “best in class” by our supporters and we are working at the cutting edge of the social impact field, pushing boundaries on connecting our impact to macro social change agendas including the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our milestone-based impact framework, robust Theory of Change and use of technology in data collection and analysis has enabled Global Sisters to be social impact investment-ready.

Social Impact Investment

Global Sisters is proposing a Social Impact Bond (SIB), or payment by outcomes structure, where the Government and social impact investors can create defined impact around women’s income generation, self-employment, job creation and welfare savings.

Join our movement today to #BackHerBrilliance and make Australia a fairer, more equitable place for us all.

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