In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, Global Sisters’ work is more important than ever.

The Coronavirus pandemic has amplified the need to supply hope, opportunity and a pathway to success for women: particularly single mums, carers and older women who are at risk of facing long term unemployment due to the current crisis.

With the exponential increase in job losses, there is an urgent need to support the creation of new businesses and help those with existing business move online and pivot their offering. What Global Sisters offers is now not just an alternative to mainstream employment or welfare, but in many cases, the only choice.

Global Sisters is removing the barriers to get women out of financial dependency: by making self-employment an option via a fully digital training platform.

We make our programs accessible to all women, connecting women in all parts of Australia, expanding community and personal connections, removing the threat of isolation and up-skilling and up-tooling women with our online programs of My Big Idea and Sister School.

We know that women are the most impacted by Coronavirus in terms of job losses from casual employment and the impacts of caring along with home-schooling on their workload. Therefore accessible, flexible, remote and free support is critical.

“Women are hit harder by the economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic as more women work in low-paying, insecure and informal jobs. The COVID-19 response must include building women’s economic resilience.”

UN Women, 2020

Global Sisters recognises that this COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to help serve those that are being hardest hit, and lay the foundation to build a more resilient and adaptable society. HOW? By supporting existing business owners to shift operations online and pivot their offering, together with enabling women who have found themselves unemployed to generate an income through a new business, will do exactly that.

“After the period of crisis adjustment, people will quickly turn to income generating solutions and be looking for cost free support to start a home-based, digital business.”

Mandy Richards CEO/ Founder of Global Sisters

Global Sisters is responding now by offering FULLY online business educations designed for women in need.

Global Sisters has launched digiPIVOT

Sisters who PIVOT

Marylin says “Thank you so much to Global Sisters facilitators and participants! It has been great for networking, ideas and confidence. I’ll be back for more!!”

Vicki says “I’ve been given some good ideas from todays session. Thank you and all the best to everyone with their wonderful ventures!”

digiPIVOT was developed specifically to address the URGENT need of existing businesses to get online and PIVOT to meet customer behaviour – intrinsically moving online

New and existing Sisters are able to access our flexible, long term business program including education, incubation & acceleration as well as being a part of our SisterTribe. Our networks and community support are always critical in making business possible for our Sisters. Now it is even more important with increasing social isolation underway.

digiPIVOT helps sisters to:

MAXIMISE online sales opportunities

PIVOT their business offerings to identify and upskill with a solution that will provide ongoing income stream

PROVIDE momentum support to access sales opportunities to close the gap on sales lost at this time

digiPIVOT is for sisters who:

  1. NEED to (change) your business offering to a digital – online or e-commerce business and/or want to learn more about selling online
  2. HAS an existing business that has been DISRUPTED by COVID-19

Global Sisters is a NOT FOR PROFIT that supports women to create NEW BUSINESSES that provide an immediate income stream. Check out the OTHER programs available from Global Sisters:

  1. MY BIG IDEA – free online BUSINESS IDEA GENERATION tool to help women nut out a financially viable business using their previous skills, experience and hobbies.
  2. SISTER SCHOOL – after completing MY BIG IDEA graduate to SISTER SCHOOL. A 10 week online program designed to set up the foundations for lasting business.
  3. digiPIVOT – NEXT session Wednesday, 29th of April! This 90 minute masterclass is designed to assist women with existing businesses move to an online business or pivot to new opportunities.

Interested to know more, register for My Big Idea here