T2 is an Australian enterprise success story, founded in Melbourne, and now taking their tea to the world after being bought by global consumer goods giant Unilever. T2 is a certified B Corp, that puts people and place first in the way they do business.

T2 is proud to be an all- inclusive, purpose-led brand whose beliefs align strongly with Global Sisters. We are inspired by the work Global Sisters is doing in empowering women as business owners to become financially resilient.

Wendy BurneHead of Buying, T2

Members of the T2 team attended the 2018 Sister Pitch and met Jo-Ann, founder of Goanna Hut.

At the Global Sisters Pitch event, T2 learnt about Jo’s story. Jo-Ann is a qualified chef and proud Wiradjuri woman. She is one of the few female Indigenous chefs in Australia, and she set up Goanna Hut to share her culture through bush ingredient inspired food and native ingredient teas.

Jo is the sole breadwinner for the family, working a full-time job whilst running her business. She is also the primary carer of her three children, one of whom has special needs. She balances this with caring for her husband who is living  with depression- and still sees herself as a typical woman, juggling it all. Her one wish from the Sister Pitch was to be connected with a major retailer for her native teas.

T2 were so impressed with Jo-Ann and her product that they made a commitment to stock her tea on the spot. 

Helping her to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity, secure the deal and prepare for the scale-up in production involved over a year of support from Global Sisters. This included:

  •  working with Jo-Ann and T2 to structure the deal including units, pricing and profit margins
  • supporting the development of the T2 Australian contract which will see Jo’s teas in all 100 T2 stores
  • design support
  • social media + marketing
  • product photography
  • PR photography
  • publicity ( including Channel 9 news and Marie Claire magazine)
  • business coaching from expert coaches.

Goanna Hut will be selling three tea blends through Australian T2 stores and exposed to 100K+ T2 customers each week, with her story told to their multi-million online tea society.  This deal has led to a significant income stream for Goanna Hut and opened the door for a long term, regular income. 

T2 is hoping that this collaboration will assist in creating public awareness of the Goanna Hut business through its platform across markets that T2 trade in.

“As an Australian founded local business who is now global, we never forget our humble beginnings! We are passionate about supporting new businesses /artists/ designers and giving people a voice on a platform they may otherwise not have access to” says Wendy Burne, Head of Buying, T2. 

We are excited to be able to be a part of sharing the Goanna Hut story from its inception, through to the showcasing of its beautiful products.

Wendy BurneHead of Buying, T2

Look out for the Eclipse, Lilli Pilli and Lemon Calm in T2 stores and online soon!