When I started Sweet Cinnabun, I was a mum to five sons. I didn’t have babysitters, I didn’t have family support, there was no way for me to be able to afford to have a 9-5 job with daycare, after school care, before school care, as well as trying to raise five children. We’ve since expanded by one more bun to number six – but he is the very last one in the mummy oven!

There were a lot of things I didn’t know, especially when it came to small business. You leave Sister School with a business in your hand, with a plan, something you can then take and go out and use to make some money. I came out of there with so much passion, literally ready to roll, bake and get this bun show on the road and it’s been go, go, go since then. Without it, I would probably still be selling out of my kitchen window on plastic plates.

There’s also a social angle to Sweet Cinnabun. There shouldn’t be a choice between raising your family and having an income. I have six kids, I work, I’m supported in that and I would like my business to be able support other women who don’t have the choice of just going to work and popping the kids in childcare.

I love the term ‘sistertribe’ because the connection I still have with all the girls I went through Sister School with is like family. Being part of the tribe means that I’m not alone, they are all going through the same thing. Even when I reset my goal posts, I don’t look at that as a failure – it’s a reassessment and one thing I have learnt is to be resilient, because I have that support and that network behind me. Success is a constant re-evaluation and it looks exactly like what I’m doing now: I’m happy, I’m making money, my business is having a positive impact.

Once, financial wellbeing would have meant having enough to pay my bills and feed my family. But my definition of it has changed. Even though we’ve had ups and downs and pitfalls, our financial position is now a place of giving. We’ve gone beyond having a need to helping those around us fill a need. We’ve cleared debt, paid everything off, and it has been because of the hard work that we’ve put into the business, the hard work that we’ve put in as a family. We are financially abundant and those are not words I ever thought would come out of my mouth in a million years.

It’s also given me back the confidence that I used to have pre-children, when I had employment. I’ve learnt to put myself first more as far as self-care goes, because if I’m not happy then nobody’s happy. I’ve taken so much personal growth from it and the impact is seen every day. My health, our finances, even the way my family communicates now. So many people have gone out of their way to give me support, and to have people that you don’t know care that much to help you build your business – it’s hard to find the words to say thank you. Global Sisters has literally changed my life and it has all been for the positive.

It’s hard to find the words to say thank you. Global Sisters has literally changed my life and it has all been for the positive.

KirstyOwner of Sweet CinnaBun