Fans of the iconic Australian brand Cristina Re Designs might have noticed a few exciting new additions to the range this week. Little may they realise however, that these products represent a life-changing partnership between founder Cristina Re and start-up businesswoman Celeste Iannotta, that’s come about thanks to Global Sisters.

Born in Rome, founder and CEO Cristina Re travelled around the world, before settling in Australia to establish her luxury gifts and homewares business in 1997.

Her focus is on creating products that align with her values, that are feminine, nurturing and innovative. Unsurprisingly, these are also the qualities that made her a perfect fit and a welcome addition to the Global Sisters team as a business coach for women who are new to the business world.

“I met Mandy [Founder and CEO of Global Sisters] at a local women’s event and was very impressed with the inspiring work that she was doing,” says Cristina.

“I volunteered to support Global Sisters in any way, and subsequently became an ambassador and business coach to the sisters,” she said.

When it came to identify the budding businesswoman who might benefit most from Cristina’s specific range of experience, knowledge and expertise, the choice was clear.

“I always wanted to find ways to help promote the businesses I have been coaching through Global Sisters and I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with someone who I felt a lovely synergy with,” said Cristina.

“I have always loved and wanted to expand into bath and body products, so when I met Celeste I knew that she was someone I wanted to work with – I wanted to “#BackHerBrilliance”!

“Celeste is so passionate about the products she creates, and I especially love her story, brand philosophy and consideration. I think the product we have created feel and smell divine and make you feel so good. I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share them with our customers!” she said.

Based on the regional border of Victoria and New South Wales, Celeste Iannotta is far from the hustle and bustle of the big city – both literally and figuratively. But her location has provided her with the opportunity to draw upon the area’s natural resources and develop her own unique range of beauty therapy and skin care products.

The result is her business, Miluny, and thanks to her work with Cristina Re, she now has an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable experience as well as to reach a brand new national – and international! – audience.

My experience of working with Cristina Re has been incredibly beneficial, both professionally and personally.

Celeste IannottaMiluny

“Cristina has been gracious in her mentoring role and generous in her time. I have found her to be very loving, kind and warm. Cristina’s high standards have challenged me to produce a beautiful product of exceptional quality and I have learnt so much by collaborating with her.

In addition to the practical knowledge and skills, Celeste says she’s gained valuable confidence through learning from Cristina as well.

“The support that I’ve received from both Global Sisters and Cristina Re means I have the confidence and tools to establish my business and really build credibility,” she said.

“Starting my business was a very exciting time, but it was also at a time where I felt very vulnerable and a bit lost. I knew I had certain skills, but I also had gaps in what I could do through a simple lack of education; so I knew that I had to open my heart and my mind, to talk about what I needed and be willing to accept help.

“Working on my business now makes me feel empowered. Initially, I felt very nervous because Cristina Re is such a successful business person who is known worldwide; but I have been encouraged so much and feel so connected, that I feel inspired to move forward. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to work with a professional team and can’t wait to see what’s next,” said Celeste.

For her part, Cristina Re says the benefits go both ways, and that she is gaining a valuable perspective and new insight from the partnership as well.

“Once again, I feel joy in being able to use my business as a platform to help other women and expand theirs, especially when they are businesses I truly believe in and feel a connection with.

“Through the creation of the two bath and body products, the Luxury Bath Soak and the Aroma Oil Roller, I feel that I have been able to collaborate with a partner who understood my brief and the importance of providing quality hand-crafted products with premium Australian sourced ingredients.

“Celeste has been a great inspiration and has put so much love into producing a range that evokes and reflects the philosophy of my brand,”

Cristina ReCristina Re Designs