Supported by the team at Global Sisters and the creative experts from D.A.M Studio, single mum and qualified tradesperson Jacqui Thomas is breaking down barriers and building a successful business, one backyard cubby house at a time!

Through her business, Outdoor Memories, Jacqui designs and builds custom backyard cubby houses using recycled and re-purposed materials. As is the case with many Global Sisters entrepreneurs, it’s a business concept that emerged from her natural strengths and interests.

“My family buys houses that need a lot of TLC – and I mean, a lot of TLC – we buy them, do them up and then rent them out. It seems to be our thing. I love the hands-on work, that’s very much me – I’m usually in there knocking down walls, demolishing, painting,” she said.

“I decided to take this further, so I signed up for a trade apprenticeship, and for one of our projects I chose to build a cubby house. At the same time, I was trying to find a cubby house as a gift for my son and couldn’t find one that was good quality – not cheap plastic – big enough, and affordable. Of course, I quickly realised that I could make cubby houses like this myself, and that’s been my mission ever since!

I’ve been meeting with Michelle and the team at D.A.M Studio by Zoom, and they’ve taken the time to get to know me and my personality, asking me lots of questions so they could come up with the right logo and brand for my business. They’ve been so amazing and they’ve really helped to motivate and inspire me.

Jacqui ThomasFounder, Outdoor Memories

D.A.M Studio is an accomplished creative agency, delivering the full suite of service from research and strategy through to brand development and content production. Michelle Galuzzo from D.A.M Studio said the decision to work with Global Sister and support Jacqui’s business was ‘a no-brainer’.

“We love what they stand for and do. Jacqui is not only doing something great for her community and future of the local kids, but her drive and ambition when most people could just give up is so admirable. Her personality and energy is infectious, and it was a great opportunity to bring this brand to life visually,” she said.

We’re specialists in brand creation and design, and we were thrilled to be able to bring this skillset to her business. We are believers in the value of a strong brand so we hope our designs add to her success and sales!

Michelle GaluzzoD.A.M Studio

“Culturally this has also been great for the studio. We’ve all been working in the marketing and communications industry for a long time and on a lot of big corporate brands. But we don’t lose sight of what’s important and having a relationship with such an important and effective business like Global Sisters means we can give back and share this expertise to those who need it most.

“It’s important to have generosity and compassion in our team, and when we work with Global Sisters, it brings us all together to know we are not just doing good work, but doing good as well.

Meanwhile, Jacqui says working with a team of professionals is helping increase her confidence as well as grow her business.

“I’m learning new skills and I’m learning so much about business and planning. My aim is to be able to invest more and expand my business so I can offer employment to other people, and have some more choice about balancing my family and work commitments as well.

As long as you’re doing something, as long as you’re working towards your goals and you haven’t given up, it’s going to be okay. There’s help out there, there are people out there who really want to see you do well.

Jacqui ThomasFounder, Outdoor Memories