I worked in IT in India for 18 years before migrating to Australia for a better environment for our son. When I initially came here, my husband and I were both searching for a job and while we were in the process I met one prospective client who wanted a customised IT solution for his office. He was very happy with the service I presented and I did not look back.

Today my business is three years old – and he is still my client. My idea of success is to help all of the small businesses out there in the market who are struggling, like he did, with IT. Now, with the coronavirus, there are many small businesses who need help because they’re working and sharing documents online.

When I first started, I found that my biggest barrier was knowing what to do next. I had already taken a few steps before meeting Global Sisters in 2018, but where to go next? How should I approach my clients? Where should I look for them? When I met Global Sisters it was like light at the end of the tunnel and I knew that I had to continue this journey. It motivated me and gave me positive energy.

I completed the My Big Idea workshop in 2018 and immediately learnt that no idea is a small idea. Even a single thought in your mind can turn into a big business. It can help people, and if you work towards that thought, it’s like a little seed you’re planting and after some years it turns into a big tree, giving you and other people fruits.

I was building something from scratch and initially I was finding it very, very difficult and thinking of stopping it and going back to a nine-to-five job. But I realised that creating a successful business is possible, it’s just a matter of time. If you run after money you won’t catch it; let the money run after you.

But money is not the only thing for which you build a business. The second thing is your contentment. It gives you internal satisfaction when you work, it’s like food for your mind. You’re building something, you’re giving it to people to use and when they gain something out of your business, it helps their business and they also gain a lot.

I’d recommend Sister School to others who are in exactly the same position as I once was. It will inspire them and motivate them and show them the way to go. It taught me how to do things on my own – from being introduced to Canva, to increasing my network, to all of the lessons at LinkedIn Learning that I was able to implement in my business.

Being part of the Sistertribe has meant a lot to me. I don’t feel I’m alone, there are so many Sisters out there. Whenever I’m facing some issue, I know where to go. They’re friends but they’re sisters.

Rupi GrewalDossier Chief Cloud Solutions