Social Impact Reports

We exist to make business possible for all women and to #Back Her Brilliance. Global Sisters releases an annual report, documenting the social impact we have had over the last 12 months and the progress in achieving our vision and mission.

The annual Social Impact Report tells the story of our growth, the effectiveness of our model and the change we are seeing in women’s lives and communities across Australia. The reports are written for our supporters, community and most importantly our Sisters.

he inaugural 2019 report documents our social impact framework, methodology and initial impact findings. The 2020 report provides an update on the evolution of our strategy and model, which in turn impacted the evolution of our social impact framework. It documents this and our social impact findings for the previous year.

The 2021 Impact Report is a snapshot of the full report, which is available on request at

Our Impact 2022

Our Impact 2021

Our Impact 2019

Our Impact 2020

Independent Evaluations


Impact Analysis Report of Global Sisters – Program quantifiable direct benefits – September 2023

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Department of Social Services (DSS)

Outcome and Impact Measurement Case Studies by Urbis Consulting

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Case Study 1

Unlocking women’s economic potential

New approach to outcome and impact measurement.

Case Study 2

Impact reporting with impact

Social impact reporting approaches.

Case Study 3

Telling the big picture story

Reporting longer-term outcomes.

Case Study 4

Measuring up for growth

Growth snapshot from 2019-2022.

Sisters Speak

2021 Impact Stories

Watch the Sisters Speak video stories to hear directly from our Sisters. Here they share about their businesses and how Global Sisters is helping them on their journey.

Sisters Speak are video stories by Sisters, for Sisters. The videos are created by our Sisters, and produced using the Folktale app. We aim to amplify the voices of women so they can tell their own stories and grow their businesses. The videos are being used to promote their businesses on Marketplace. Over time, Global Sisters we will use the Folktale insights platform to crowd-source data and gain collective insights to drive impact improvement.

Watch the Sisters speak