Global Sisters supporting women with disability

Global Sisters supports women with a range of disabilities, from vision and hearing impairment to chronic health disability. These Sisters are creating business solutions to social problems, often those that they have personally experienced through their disability. They are challenging stereotypes of entrepreneurship and breaking down bias and barriers.

Meet some of the Sisters

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Nikki Hind – Blind Grit
Vision Impairment
Regional Victoria

Blind Grit is an Australian owned fashion label that celebrates the qualities required to live with disability and survive trauma. Read Nikki’s story here

Angie Poller – Remedii
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Angie has a chronic pain condition that limits her ability to work. She has turned her disability into a business that supports people suffering from pain. Read more here

Jacqui Thomas – Outdoor Memories
Regional Victoria

She aims to provide affordable, eco-friendly cubby houses to encourage outdoor experiences for kids. Find out more here

Nancy Visser – MoeJoe Creations
Chronic Fatigue & Mental Health Challenges

Nancy’s candles are hand poured on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, from natural ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers. Every item is handmade and delivered in elegant, recyclable packaging.

Colleen McCormack – Magknitude
Chronic Health Challenges

After taking a break, Colleen is now ready to continue working on her business. Magknitude is a bespoke homewares and accessories business that Colleen describes as “magnificent knitting with attitude”.

Catie Fry – Clovendoe Distilling Co

Clovendoe Distilling Co. is a Queensland based all-female, low and non- alcoholic distilling company. All of Clovendoe’s botanicals are ethically sourced or procured locally, prepared by hand and distilled small batch in a traditional copper pot still. Shop Catie’s products here

Michele Wragg – Born Awesome
Physical Disability, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD.
Western Australia

Michele is a  recovery coach who overcame her own mobility challenges, is the founder ofthe online platform Born Awesome, dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities.

Florence Olugbemiro – Designed by Florence
Terminal Cancer
New South Wales

Florence, despite her terminal cancer, built a successful business on the Global Sisters Marketplace before her passing in 2021, with her wish being for her family to continue and Global Sisters to support her legacy, which we are immensely proud of. Watch Florence on SBS Small Business Secrets

Glenis Ingram – Glenis Ingram YOGA + MEDITATION
Mental Health Challenges

Glenis teaches yoga and meditation to share the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga and meditation, aiming to offer classes and workshops in various settings while finding support and inspiration within the Global Sisters community. Read her story here

Diana Astin – Girragirra Murun
Chronic Health Challenges
New South Wales

Diana plans to create a unique fabric store with a daily sewing circle, emphasizing indigenous fabrics and offering food support, drawing inspiration from her passion for textiles and her experience with her grandson’s Autism. Shop her products here

Mel Watson – What Mellie Did Next
New South Wales

Mel founded a wellbeing membership helping women beat overwhelm,
prioritise their self care, and build the lives they want to lead. Watch Mel’s reflections about Sister School’s accessibility here

Diana Connell – EARTH by Diana
Chronic Health Challenges

Diana began by selling pottery at local markets and then expanded to her own website and Instagram profile. She transitioned to crafting her own clay and glazes, learning ancient pottery techniques. Running her pottery business, EARTH by Diana, she also volunteers with non-profits, advocating for women facing family violence and homelessness