Sustainable Development Goals

Global Sisters is aligned with 8 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here we illustrate how Global Sisters is contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. 

SDG Goal 1: No Poverty

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Financial Wellbeing

Global Sisters directly impacts on women’s ability to earn their own income and work towards financial resilience and independence. 

58% of Sisters surveyed reported a belief that they see their business as a source of financial independence, with 42% seeing the business as supplementary income.

64% of Sisters were receiving Centrelink payments or are unemployed/underemployed when they first engaged with Global Sisters.

SDG Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Empowerment

Health, particularly mental health, and wellbeing are closely linked to economic participation (decent work), financial resilience (no poverty), gender equality and reduced inequalities. Improved mental health and wellbeing are ripple effect outcomes of our programs.

SDG Goal 4: Quality Education

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Business Acumen

Quality, accessible and free business education is a foundational part of our programs. Our model enables access for participants who:

  • live in rural, regional and remote areas
  • have a disability 
  • have carer responsibilities
  • are Indigenous.

SDG Goal 5: Gender Equality

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Influence

Global Sisters was founded on the belief that achieving gender equality benefits the whole of society, moving us all forward. Our model, programs, values and culture promote women’s empowerment, with measures around Sisters:

  • “standing tall” (self-confidence and self-belief)
  • challenging societal gender discrimination
  • being to make strong, informed choices for a better future
  • in a position to ‘give back’ to others.

When asked the top three areas in whereby Sisters’ felt Global Sisters had impacted their life and business, the responses were evidently related to empowerment and connection:


Inspiring and giving me hope


Building my confidence


Connecting me with a community of women

Almost half our Sisters report that Global Sisters biggest impact has been:


Taking the steps to launch my own business


Courage to continue in a business

SDG Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Financial Wellbeing

Global Sisters works to:

  • Improve women’s economic participation rate
  • Increase their % of income from casual employment or Government benefits to business income
  • Create new jobs through self-employment. 

We are already having an impact here. Income improvements of a sample of Sisters showed that our Sisters more than doubled their weekly income since being involved with Global Sisters:

Before Global Sisters


Average weekly supplementary income earned by our Sisters

With Global Sisters help


Average weekly income of Sisters currently involved in our Incubate & Accelerate programs

SDG Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Influence

Global Sisters will measure the reduction in inequalities for Sisters, including change in poverty levels.

SDG Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Enterprise

Sustainable and “good business” education is built into the Global Sisters business education programs and values that are promoted to all program participants.

SDG Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Mapped to our social impact indicator: Influence

Global Sisters works in partnership with corporates, philanthropic organisations and Government to achieve our goals. At a place based, local level we work in partnership with an ecosystem of business support organisations, connecting our Sisters into that support.