Systems Change

Global Sisters works at a direct programmatic level to “beat the odds” and a systems change level to “change the odds” for women experiencing barriers to economic participation and security.

Impact Roadmap

Systems Change Strategic Priorities

The strategic focus of our systems change strategy includes:

Priority 1

Welfare System Reform

Reforming the welfare system to support women’s employment in micro business

Priority 2

Elevating Women’s Micro Business

Elevating women’s micro business as a significant part of the SME sector and contributor to employment and economic growth

Priority 3

Women’s Economic Security Pathway

Creating a pathway to economic security for women through making tailored, affordable and accessible financial products and services available to women in micro business

Priority 1

Welfare reform to support women’s self-employment: A New Solution for Women’s Economic Participation and Sustainable Work – Demonstration Projects.

To achieve this objective, Global Sisters is leading 3 major programs of work in collaboration with Government, Philanthropy and Corporate Australia. These projects are demonstration projects with direct and systems change outcomes. Through this work we can collect the evidence base and proof of concept to create lasting systems change that will not only make women’s micro business a genuine alternative to underemployment and unemployment but support women’s long-term economic security and ability to break cycles of poverty, prevent homelessness, stay out of DFV and improve their mental health & wellbeing. The purpose, outcomes and expected impact of each of these programs of work are described below.


Single Mothers on Parenting Payment Single (PPS).


Women on who have experienced Domestic & Family Violence and on JobSeeker.


Women with disabilities.

Priority 2

Women’s Economic Security: Designing Financial Products and Services with Women in Mind.

Priority 3

Elevating Women’s Micro Business as a category for support and investment.

Paper coming soon...

Collective Impact & Partnerships

To change systems a collective impact approach is required. Global Sisters recognises and thanks the following partners.


Probono Support